Frequently asked questions

Q What are the components in the SuperbaKnit package?
  • SuperbaKnit Interface: the electronics that goes in the knitting machine, which is amongst other things responsible for needle selection.
  • Interface Cable: the cable between the SuperbaKnit Interface and the SuperbaKnit box.
  • SuperbaKnit box: a process computer that handles the knitting and communicates with the PC.
  • USB cable
  • SuperbaKnit Utility: the User Interface software that tells the SuperbaKnit box what to do; SuperbaKnit Utility processes the feedback from the SuperbaKnit box; SuperbaKnit Utility communicates with the user.
    Q Why do you have two SuperbaKnit packages?
    A There is a difference between Memo II, 624 and 9000 knitting machines on one hand and Lightscanner and Pegboard knitting machines at the other hand. The Lightscanner and Pegboard machines have one of the sensors built in the Lightscanner or Pegboard hardware.
    Q If I have two Superba knitting machines, do I need two SuperbaKnit boxes?
    A This is you choice. You can order one SuperbaKnit package and additional SuperbaKnit interfaces.
    Q Does SuperbaKnit fix the broken belt problem in Ligh Scanner boxes?
    A SuperbaKnit doesn't fix the problem, SuperbaKnit avoids the problem: the Light Scanner box is no longer needed, so you won't have the broken belt problem anymore.
    Q I have a Silverlink 4, can I use the Silverlink 4 instead of the SuperbaKnit box?
    A No.
    Q Under which operating systems does the SuperbaKnit software run?
    A Windows XP and higher (qualified including Windows 10)
    Q How do I run the SuperbaKnit software on the MAC?
    A Run a Windows Virtualisation like Bootcamp, Parallels, VMWare Fusion, ...
    Q Is SuperbaKnit Utility the only bit of software that comes with the SuperbaKnit package?
    A No, You get also a free copy of Pattern Explorer and a free copy of RKC1000E (Emulator of the RKC1000 knitting computer).
    You also find KnitPad for rapid, simple pattern data entry.
    Q Can I use SuperbaKnit with other types of programs?
    A You can use SuperbaKnit with other programs. SuperbaKnit supports currently 19 different file formats for knitting.
    Q Can I knit the Superba patterns with SuperbaKnit?
    A Currently you can knit the Memo II, 624 and 9000 patterns. They come with SuperbaKnit Utility.
    Q Do I need DesignaKnit to be able to use SuperbaKnit?
    A No.
    Q Can I use SuperbaKnit with DesignaKnit?
    A You may be able to use SuperbaKnit with DesignaKnit 7.19 and higher. Select the Silverlink 4 as the interface you use the knit. The SuperbaKnit box is for DesignaKnit compatible with the Silverlink 4.
    Please note the following differences:
  • You need to set the 0 position of the Superba cursor (see online documentation)
  • You need to set the cursor stops outside the values of the (virtual) point cams.
  • You cannot move to (virtual) point cams (yet)
    Q Can I buy Interface-B or Interface-A and knit with DesignaKnit?
    A No, you always need the SuperbaKnit box in combination with one of the two interfaces.
    Q Is there a software interface like an API published for SuperbaKnit?
    A No

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